High-end immersive
Experience without
Body sensors

Now it's easy to record your movements within a virtual reality environment using a high-tech camera technology, analytics powered by artificial Intelligence and allowing you share with your trainer and circle

Camera Based Setup

User-friendly platform allows trainers and users to easily engage through physical movements and beyond

So no more hassles hanging sensors around your body and let the camera do the job

Analytics powered by ML & AI

Experience our incredible analytical data platform with built-in AI tools to provide automated feedback on relevant metrics such as adherence to movement standard, energy expenditure and force productivity.

Share your movements and view other’s movements shared with you

Be a Fitness Trainer

Deliver online exercise programs and share your expertise with aspirants around

'Review your subscriber’s body postures with the help of Machine Vision and provide feedback'

Why Us?

This isn’t YouTube or ZOOM. We offer a three-dimensional interactive experience with state-of-the-art analytics, a community for experts to engage directly with customers.

Whether you are here to start or add value to your business, or simply a human being who likes technology and wants to share your moves

Welcome to yMantra!

Let’s get started..

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